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CECI Becomes the First Firm in Taiwan to Obtain ISO 19650-3 Certification

Following last year’s milestone of becoming one of the few domestic engineering consultants to accomplish the international Building Information Modeling (BIM) ISO 19650-2 certification (primarily covering the design and construction project phases), CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc., Taiwan has now become the only engineering consulting firm locally to also attain the ISO 19650-3 (operational phase) certification, cementing its position as a leader in BIM application in the fields of civil engineering and construction.

ISO 19650 can be described as the chief international quality management standard containing principles and high-level requirements for information processes over the entire life-cycle of a built asset using BIM. The standard is designed to apply to all stages of the construction project life cycle and serve as crucial reference for the currently ongoing digital transformation in the construction and engineering industries. It aims to meet the needs of the wide variety of roles involved in today’s globalized construction supply chain, considerably facilitating project contracting and other processes with strict quality control in planning and executing BIM projects.

Last year, after obtaining the ISO 19650-2 certification and renewing it again this year, CECI started proactive preparations for securing 19650-3 in 2021. These efforts were rewarded on June 18 when the ISO certificate was formally issued, making CECI the first company in Taiwan to comply with this key international standard. Attaining ISO 19650 certification reflects CECI’s continuing commitment to developing its BIM capabilities, which have already been put to great use in a large number of major transportation and other projects.

CECI began extensively applying BIM technologies in 2006, the first project being the planning and design of the Kaohsiung MRT Museum of Fine Arts Station Railway underground project. In 2010, CECI became the first engineering consulting firm domestically to establish its own fully-equipped BIM Integration Center to allow for a seamless application of BIM technology for professionals from various disciplines. Since then, for over 10 years now, these technologies have been consistently applied on numerous engineering feasibility studies, planning, design, construction supervision, project management, facility maintenance and other projects, among which are such key Taiwan’s landmarks as the Fengshan Station in Kaohsiung, and the Baguashan Tunnel.

Addressing CECI’s achievements in this field, SGS Taiwan’s Senior Vice President Mr. Huang Shih Chung emphasized CECI’s outstanding contributions in engineering innovation, embodied in such recent endeavors as the HSDP Homeland Security Disaster Prevention Platform, CECI’s Project Management Information System, and the V3DM facility maintenance platform. CECI Chairman Dr. Shih Yi-Fang commended CECI team members’ hard work on maintaining the company’s outstanding capabilities in the field of BIM and, in particular, in obtaining this important certification, which represents another step in ensuring excellent quality and delivery of projects in Taiwan's engineering and construction.


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