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New Chapter in Cooperation between CECI and CCU

A Memorandum on Industry-University Cooperation was signed on January 12, 2023 between CECI Taiwan and the Chinese Culture University (CCU) during the company’s visit to CCU Main Campus in Taipei’s gorgeous Yangmingshan National Park. The Memorandum will strengthen various aspects of collaboration between the two sides, provide students and graduates with more opportunities for career and professional development, as well as with scholarships for those with outstanding academic performance. As Taiwan’s leading engineering consulting firm, CECI has been actively enhancing its cooperation with local universities and academic institutions, further contributing to the forging of top-notch professional engineering talent across the nation.

CECI’s delegation, which included Chairman of the Board Dr. Shih Yi-Fang, Vice President Mr. Liaw Shyne-Ruey, Vice President Mr. Chang Chin-Shen, Vice President Dr. Wang Tze An and other colleagues, was warmly received by CCU’s President Dr. Wang Tzu-Chi, Vice President Dr. Wang Chih-Cheng and other senior staff members. Chairman Shih Yi-Fang, who had earlier had a chance to speak to CCU students and tell them about CECI, its mission, history, organization and operations, thanked the university for that opportunity and emphasized the students’ proactive attitude of academic curiosity and vitality. For CECI, continuing to attract young talented professionals and nurture their professional development has always remained a top priority.

The Memorandum becomes another important milestone in the already ongoing close collaboration between CECI and CCU, with both sides striving for a common goal of promoting an environment for the thriving of young engineers and supplying them with the optimal conditions for professional growth. Chairman Shih noted that cooperation between enterprises and academia are a win-win solution for Taiwan’s engineering and infrastructure sectors which can ensure that the sector continues evolving while maintaining its focus on sustainability and innovation.


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