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CECI Signs Memorandum of Understanding for Enhanced Collaboration with National Cheng Kung University

Date: 2024/01/05

In a significant stride toward fostering closer bilateral cooperation and practical exchanges, CECI solidified its partnership with one of Taiwan’s premier technical educational institutions, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), through the signing of a bilateral Memorandum of Understanding on January 4, 2024. This memorandum aims to broaden industry-university collaboration, facilitating increased internship opportunities, scholarships for students, and potential employment prospects for graduates.

As the nation's largest engineering consultant, CECI actively contributes to the development of young, local, and international engineering talent, playing a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of leaders.

The signing ceremony, hosted at NCKU’s campus, featured representation from CECI's senior management team, led by Chairman Shih Yi-fang, President Liaw Shyne-Ruey, Vice President Huang Ping-Hsun, CECI Nova's President Chang Chin-Shen, Vice President Dr. Wang Tze An, and other esteemed colleagues. NCKU’s delegation included Executive Vice President Dr. Chen Hong-Chen, Vice President for Research & Development Liu Chuan-Pu, Vice President for General Affairs Wu Jian-Hong, and other key members of the university’s leadership team.

Addressing the NCKU colleagues, Chairman Shih Yi-fang expressed confidence that CECI would become the optimal career choice for many graduates. Since its spinoff from China Engineering Consultants, Inc., the company has steadfastly adhered to the highest engineering standards, demonstrating excellence in service, integrity on every project, and a commitment to continuous innovation. With a nationwide presence and involvement in diverse infrastructures and facilities, CECI contributes to safer, more sustainable, and convenient living. The company places great emphasis on employee well-being, evident in its remarkably low turnover rate, which further decreased to under 2.5% last year.

Highlighting the importance of collaboration with local engineering consultants, NCKU Vice President Dr. Chen Hong-Chen stated that, as a comprehensive university with a full range of disciplines, NCKU places significant value on technical and engineering sciences. Research in this field often aligns with industry cooperation, and NCKU actively collaborates with numerous leading enterprises.

The new MOU marks another milestone in the already robust collaboration between the two entities. In addition to jointly executing various research and innovation initiatives, both sides share professional and personal connections, with many of CECI’s engineers and management serving as alumni of NCKU.

In recent years, CECI has reinforced its collaboration with local research and educational institutions, aiming to preserve its innovative edge and attract top-tier technical talent.


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