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CECI Scoops up a Total of Four Ministry of Labor Public Works Golden Safety Awards

At the ceremony for the 15th Outstanding Public Works Golden Safety Award, organized by the Ministry of Labor and held this year at the Grand Hi Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung on November 26, CECI was once again distinguished for its contribution in the field of construction safety and became the winner of a total of 4 awards. CECI Chairman Dr. Shih Yi-Fang who personally attended the ceremony reiterated the company’s long-standing dedication to the promotion of comprehensive occupational safety and workplace health measures in public works and to a general creation of labor-friendly working conditions and environment.

The projects honored with this year’s awards are the Restoration Works for the East 5 - East 7 Wharfs at the Zuoying Harbor, the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area MRT Gangshan - Luzhu Extension Line Phase I Turnkey Project, the Guangci Charity Park Comprehensive Development Project, and the Fuhe Bridge South Side Sidewalk Widening and Bicycle Lane Construction.

CECI’s persistent commitment to going the extra mile on all aspects of occupational safety, exemplified in the projects undertaken by the company, compelled the selection committee this year once again in CECI’s favor. In case of the Guangci Charity Park project, CECI’s hands-on approach in organizing regular weekly construction coordination meetings and coordinating safety requirements was particularly noted. As the project site lies close to the urban area, in coordination with the local community leaders, surgical masks and disinfectant were distributed to local residents to assist with the preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. Another instance is CECI’s deployment of unmanned rafts as an accident prevention and rescue measure on the Zuoying Harbor project. These and numerous other examples demonstrate CECI’s adherence to the highest standards in all aspects of site safety and project quality.

The Golden Safety Award is administered by the Ministry of Labor to recognize and commend public works projects and the personnel working on them who display excellence in the field of occupational safety and health, and the promotion of a strong safety culture and awareness on construction projects.


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