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CECI Partners with Tamkang University for Further Promotion of Engineering Talent Cultivation

A Memorandum on Industry-University Cooperation was signed between CECI and Tamkang University on November 14, 2022 during a visit by the company’s senior managers including Chairman Dr. Shih Yi-Fang and meeting with TKU’s Vice President Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu, faculty members, and the students. The Memorandum is expected to further deepen CECI’s already committed participation in the engineering talent cultivation programs with local academic institutions, which will greatly benefit the students and create opportunities for their future research and career development.

Speaking with the students following the signing ceremony, Dr. Shih stressed that one of the lessons CECI has learned from its nearly half a century involvement in key national infrastructure projects is the continuing need for a closer and more productive coordination between the private sector, the government and academia. Tamkang University, as one of Taiwan’s leading academic and educational institutions, can play an integral role in this process, supplying Taiwan’s engineering with highly skilled and talented young engineers.

Introducing Tamkang University to the guests, Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu pointed out that it was established 72 years ago as Taiwan’s first private higher education institution and has over the years developed into a first-tier comprehensive university with 4 campuses and 8 colleges, forging talent in such disciplines as architecture, civil engineering, water resources and environmental engineering, mechanical and electro-mechanical engineering, chemical and materials engineering, electrical and computer engineering, computer science and information engineering, aerospace engineering.


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