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CECI Honored Again with Public Construction Commission’s Golden Quality Award

During the 23rd Golden Quality Award ceremony held in Taipei on December 26, 2023, CECI emerged once again as one of the prominent winners, securing a total of 9 accolades. President of Taiwan’s Executive Yuan, Chen Chien-jen, and the Public Construction Commission Minister (PCC), Wu Tse-Cheng, personally presented the awards. CECI's Chairman, Dr. Shih Yi-Fang, joined on stage to receive the honors. 

According to the PCC, this year marked a new record, with 108 projects competing in the Public Works Golden Quality Award category. CECI received 1 Special ExcellenceSupreme Award, 5 Excellentce Awards, and 3 Honorable Mention Awards among the trophies. In the Public Works Maintenance and Management Award category, 26 projects were submitted, with only 2 Special Supreme Superior Awards being presented, one of which was conferred upon CECI. Another significant achievement is CECI receiving the Special Contribution Award’s  for its 10th consecutive years of winning the design work award celebration of its 10th consecutive year as a recipient of the Special Contribution Award for design work, and the 5th consecutive years for construction supervision award. These accomplishments once again testify to the exceptional quality of CECI’s services.

Among CECI’s award-winning projects are:

  • The Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line (Phase 1) Project, Section CQ860

  • The Dongao Tunnel Project on Provincial Highway 9, Suao - Dongao Section

  • Design and Supervision for the Seismic Strengthening Project for Selected Bridge Sections on National Highways: Package M81 for Freeway No. 8 and Freeway No. 3

  • Design and Supervision for the North District Freeway Traffic Control System Upgrade and Improvement Project: Contract Package R15 On-site Equipment Engineering Services;

  • Design Services for the Taichung Port Land Navigation Aids Reestablishment Project, among others.

Dr. Shih Yi-Fang emphasized the significance of CECI’s being 10 consecutive years as winners of the Design work award to receive the Special Contribution Award for 10 consecutive years among winners of the Design Special Contribution Award. He extended his gratitude to all company employees for their hard work and dedication, reaffirming that such success is only achievable through their efforts, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality.


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