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CECI Celebrates Triumph at 17th Golden Safety Award Ceremony

At the 17th Golden Safety Award ceremony for outstanding projects sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor and held at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung on November 24, 2023, CECI emerged as the proud recipient of a total of 7 accolades – 2 Golden Safety Excellence Awards and 5 Golden Safety Distinction Awards. CECI Chairman Dr. Shih Yi-fang personally attended the ceremony with other CECI senior managers to receive the honors. The Labor Minister Mr. Hsu Ming-chun and the Deputy Minister of the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan Mr. Jeou-Rong Yan both praised CECI’s projects as examples of unwavering commitment to construction safety, quality, and the well-being of both workers and the public.

As Taiwan’s premier engineering consultant, CECI continually leads in fostering safe and healthy work environments across its project sites. The company remains at the forefront, persistently elevating occupational safety standards and embedding core safety and health values throughout each phase of project execution.


The recognized projects that contributed to CECI’s success at the 17th Golden Safety Award are:


  • Design and Supervision for the Seismic Strengthening Project for Selected Bridge Sections on National Highways: Package M81 for Freeway No. 8 and Freeway No. 3;

  • Design and Supervision for the Taichung City Wuri Chienchu Area Expropriation Project, Contract Package No. 3;

  • Design and Supervision for the Addition of System Interchange for the Connection of National Freeway No. 3 to Provincial Highway 66, Contract Package No. 336;

  • Design and Supervision for the Fengshan Station and the Development Building Construction, Contract Package No. A421;

  • Design Services for the Provincial Highway No. 61 Chung Chang Bridge Improvement Project;

  • Design and Supervision for the TTIA Terminal 1 Self-service Baggage Check-in Equipment and Check-in Counter Roll-back belt Project;

  • Design and Supervision for the Zone Expropriation at the Tainan City Southern Taiwan Science Park Special Area Development Zones F and G.

The Golden Safety Award from the Ministry of Labor recognizes outstanding local projects for maintaining high occupational safety and health standards, adhering strictly to relevant regulations, and cultivating an outstanding construction safety culture. CECI’s consistent success reinforces its leadership among Taiwan’s engineering firms in the realm of occupational safety and health. The company’s projects incorporate innovative technologies like the PMIS platform to enhance control over high-risk work items, institute sustainable and ecologically conscious measures, and mitigate various operational risks, all geared towards achieving the paramount goal of zero accidents and occupational disasters.


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