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CECI and NCU sign a Memorandum of Understanding Promoting Further Cooperation

A delegation of senior officers from CECI headed by Chairman Shih Yi-Fang visited the National Central University (NCU) on March 23 to meet with President Dr. Jou Jing-Yang, faculty and staff members to discuss the ongoing collaboration projects between the two organizations and sign a new Memorandum of Industry-University Cooperation to further strengthen their already solid and fruitful relationship and provide for more comprehensive talent cultivation opportunities.

Consistently ranked among Taiwan’s best universities, NCU has been steadily expanding its research collaboration base with organizations across Taiwan. During the meeting with CECI, Dr. Jou Jing-Yang pointed out that according to this year’s Cheers Magazine survey of 2,000 major companies, NCU graduates ranked second in the "Performance Exceeding Expectations" category. And, in the latest "Enterprises’ Most Desired Graduates" survey, the school has impressively advanced from the 15th to the 7th position. For its part, as Taiwan’s leading engineering consulting firm, CECI is always interested in enhancing its research & development and talent cultivation capabilities in numerous fields of engineering and cooperation with major universities, including NCU, is a key step in this direction. The two organizations already have ongoing joint programs in fields such as geomatics and civil engineering, and the signing of this new Memorandum will add further undertakings in electrical and mechanical engineering, intelligent transportation systems, traffic engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, disaster prevention, remote sensing and InSAR.

NCU happens to be Chairman Shih Yi-Fang’s alma mater, and he was pleased to return there with CECI’s leadership team. He stressed the university’s outstanding commitment to forging top-notch engineering talent, with “every graduate being thoroughly prepared for workplace challenges, proficient not just in theory, but ready to utilize their knowledge and skills on a very practical level. Moreover”, as Dr. Shih pointed out, “NCU students are distinguished for their spirit of enthusiasm and dedication to their chosen profession”.

The mutual collaboration efforts embodied in this MOU will no doubt contribute greatly not just to creating a better environment for young talent cultivation by making relevant information, data and materials easier to share, but will help researchers and teaching staff grasp the latest technological trends employed in the engineering industry helping Taiwan uphold its forward-looking and proactive perspective to engineering work.


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