Taiwan’s First Pedestrian Swing Bridge inaugurated in Kaohsiung!

On Monday July 6, 2020, Chairman Shih Yi-Fang led a delegation from CECI in joining together with the Minister of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) Lin Chia-Lung, the Taiwan International Ports Incorporation (TIPC), as well as other agencies for the inauguration of the Dagang horizontal rotating bridge in the "Old Harbor Area" of Kaohsiung. The Dagang Bridge is the first pedestrian swing bridge in Taiwan and links the Port of Kaohsiung’s Penglai Shopping District with the Pier 2 Art Center and Dayi Pier 2 Station of the city’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) System.

MOTC Minister Lin Chia-Lung joins the CECI Delegation led by Chairman Shih Yi-Fang and President Lee Shun-Min

The beuatiful single tower inclined suspension cable steel bridge combines the elements of sailboats, dolphins and waves in its visual design and can complete its rotation in a quick 3 minutes. The bridge features a 50m tower with an FRP canvas, width varying from 5 to 12 meters, and a platform length of 110 meters making it the longest cross-harbor swing bridge in Asia. Over 550 pedestrians and cyclists can cross the bridge at the same time and also enjoy a spacious lookout area for viewing the surrounding harbor, incoming and outgoing ships and the scenic urban landscape of Kaohsiung.

Chairman Shih Yi-Fang (second from right) takes part in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

CECI started providing engineering design and construction supervision services for this unique bridge project in 2017 and is proud to be part of the combined effort of consultants, contractors, the Client (TIPC) and other agencies that enabled this new landmark and hot tourist spot come to life in the southern port city of Kaohsiung.

Dagang Bridge --- the longest cross-harbor swing bridge in Asia