CECI Scores Gold at the 19th Annual Public Construction Golden Quality Awards!

CECI's President Dr. Shun-Min Lee receiving a Golden Quality Award from Taiwan's Premier Su Tseng-chang

CECI was once again well represented at this year’s edition of the Public Construction Commission (PCC) Golden Quality Awards held in Taipei on December 24, 2019.

For the 19th year now, the PCC has carefully nominated a list of engineering and construction firms to receive these prestigious awards in recognition of their contribution for the past year’s public construction achievements in the areas of Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Architecture, Facilities and Railways. The awards are categorized in three levels among which 6 construction projects were selected for the highest level “High Distinction Award”, 20 projects were selected for the “Excellence Award”, and 14 projects were selected for the “Honorable Mention Award”.

This year CECI took home the highest level “High Distinction Award” for the “Third Channel Dagang Bridge and Marina Area Wave-breaking Facilities Project” being implemented by the Taiwan International Ports Corporation. The Dagang Bridge is located in the Old Harbor Area of Kaohsiung and will be the first horizontal rotating bridge in Taiwan when completed in 2020. The bridge’s multi-functional facilities create a dyke with wave-blocking, water-passing, hydrophilic and recreation functions.

Another “High Distinction Award” was jointly claimed with J. A. Chen Architects & Associates who teamed up with CECI in the area of Architecture for building the “Taoyuan City Taoyuan District Center Road No. 2 Base Residential Housing Development” under Taoyuan City Government. This model housing development project has attained numerous green building, smart building and other prominent building performance certifications and accreditations.

Next, in the area of Civil Engineering, CECI was recognized with an “Honorable Mention Award” for the “Kaohsiung Coastal Connecting Road Project (North Section from 0K to 2K+100)” being implemented by Kaohsiung City Government in which CECI took upon the role of both designer and construction supervisor.

And lastly, in the area of Facilities, CECI brought home the “Excellence Award” as designer for “Upgrading the Yucheng Pumping Station Works” located along the Keelung River in the Nangang District of Taipei.

A special word of appreciation and thanks goes out to all of those involved in making this meaningful event possible each year and enabling Taiwan’s engineering and construction community to take the opportunity to recognize each other's hard work and efforts in helping further improve and advance the nation's infrastructure development.