CECI Receives New Taipei City’s Delegation for an In-Depth Exchange on New Transformative Technology

As connectivity and smart technologies are transforming life in Taiwan’s cities, New Taipei is proactively integrating them into the city infrastructure for an improved urban environment and convenience. Understanding and implementing digital transformative technologies was the focus of the New Taipei City delegation’s visit to CECI on October 8, 2020. Deputy Mayor Chen Chwen-Jing and eleven of his colleagues met with CECI’s Chairman Dr. Shih Yi-Fang, President Dr. Lee Shun-Min, Chief Engineer Lin Yew-Tsang, and CECI’s experts from specialized departments.

With both sides sharing a deep understanding and appreciation of the importance of technological transformation in public projects, the discussion focused on those innovations which ensure better project quality, performance, help save time and reduce costs. CECI presented its achievements in areas where smart technologies are directly applied in engineering for a seamless information exchange, such as CECI’s Project Management Information Platform (PMIS), BIM Automation, V3DM Smart Building Facilities Maintenance Platform, and the Homeland Security Monitoring Platform.

Impressed by CECI’s presentations, Deputy Mayor Chen praised its accomplishments and efforts to apply new technologies in engineering and construction and remain Taiwan’s leader and pioneer in this field. Chairman Dr. Shih expressed CECI’s appreciation of the New Taipei City delegation’s visit and stressed the continuous efforts to bring new breakthrough technologies, such as the 5th generation mobile network and others, into public projects for the benefit of the communities.