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CECI celebrates its Anniversary and Opening of a New Center for Design Development --> RESET

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

CECI's New Center for Design Development adds excitement and flavor to the anniversary festivities!

April 27, 2019, was a day of festivities for CECI with two important events held at the company’s headquarters in Taipei.

First, with the company celebrating its 12th anniversary, CECI Family Day – an annual event where employees gather in a warm and cordial atmosphere with their family members and colleagues – was held once again with live performers and food vendors for a day of fun activities, games, and delicious local snacks. Speaking during the festivities, CECI Chairman of the Board Dr. Chou Lie-Liung emphasized the importance of team spirit and hard work while striving together for new highs.

Opening of RESET

Another important cause for the celebration was the opening of RESET – CECI’s new Center for Design Development and another crucial milestone on CECI’s way forward in delivering on its social responsibility commitments to urban renewal and reconstruction, and creating a better living and building environment for the society at large.

Envisioned as a working space for young creative architects and a platform for developing and executing ideas and solutions for the reconstruction of Taiwan’s old and dilapidated buildings and structures, RESET embodies the agreement between CECI and several other major engineering companies and banks and is the result of many months of planning and preparation work.

During the opening ceremony, Chairman Chou outlined the vision behind this exciting idea: over the past years, engineering design has moved steadily from Design 1.0 with its traditional two-dimensional technical drawings, to Design 2.0 with various CAD applications, further to incorporating 3D and automation in Design 3.0, to arrive to what is now Design 4.0. In this new phase, communication between the parties in a project comes to the very forefront as the key factor, and RESET is conceived with precisely this concept in mind.

RESET Center for Design Development will serve as the place where design is developed and integrated for the purposes of renewal of old and dilapidated buildings, and urban environment improvements – all of this not for profit, but to build better and more sustainable cities, with more balanced social and economic growth.



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