Harbors and Coastal Engineering

CECI has taken part in nearly all of Taiwan's harbor projects, including the feasibility study and comprehensive planning for the expansion of Taiwan's existing harbors, development of new harbor projects, and the overall technical services for the planning, design and construction supervision of off-shore structures, tidal land, artificial land fills and coastal protection, as well as planning and detailed design of sub-sea pipelines and cross harbor tunnels.


Scope of Work

  • Feasibility studies for harbor projects.

  • Integrated planning of harbors.

  • Investigations, analyses and economic benefit assessments for harbor development.

  • Planning, design, construction supervision and testing of wharves, breakwaters, docks and off-shore structures.

  • Investigations and analyses of meteorology and oceanography for coastal works.

  • Planning, design, construction supervision and testing of reclaimed land and artificial island fills.

  • Planning, design, construction supervision and testing of sub-sea pipelines and mooring buoys.

  • Planning, design and construction supervision of harbor facilities.

Portfolio of Selected Projects

03/1992 - 04/1999

Mailiao Industrial Port Project for Formosa Petrochemical Corporation

08/2016 - 2026 (on-going)

3rd LNG Receiving Terminal and Surrounding Seawall Project

07/2005 - 2021 (on-going)

Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal (KICT) Project

11/1993 - 05/2006

Stage 1 Development of Anping Port Area

08/2018 - 2023 (on-going)

Phase 3 and Phase 4 Reclamation Project at Taipei Port

06/2005 - 2020 (on-going)

161KV Sub-sea Electrical Cables between Taipei and Penghu Archipelago

09/2013 - 05/2017

Renovation of the Taiping Island Transportation Infrastructure

01/2017 - 2022 (on-going)

Off-shore Wind Farm Development Project

04/2009 - 11/2014

Coastline Protection Works of Cijin District in Kaohsiung


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